Discover the approaches that separate restaurant industry leaders from other restaurants.  Based on over a decade of continuing research.  Learn more below about Restaurant Strong, the #1 international business bestseller written by Peter LeSar.

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About Peter LeSar

Founder of two restaurants recognized by The 50 Best in its Discovery Series. President of a $50M hospitality company. CFO of a $100M+ publicly traded hospitality company. Peter has gone from ground zero to IPO.  Learn how he helps strengthen growth & financial performance for restaurant companies. Restaurants founded by Peter have been in media worldwide:

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Trainings to Lift Trajectories

Siloed training are dead.  What works is integrating various fields of know-how to knock down very specific hurdles that stand in your way.

 Become the trend leader, every year...

RESTAURANT MARKET EDGES unveils profitable trends just as they are inflecting into their high-growth adoption phase when restaurants can best leverage them to lift financial performance & momentum in the quarters ahead. Nailing the Trend Inflection Zone is what most navigates restaurants onto higher momentum trajectories:




Annual Subscription

Lead the trends by seeing the future before competitors do. Large restaurant companies usually spend thousands for the insights provided in this service:

  • 4 Restaurant Emerging Trend Reports Every Year: Get ahead and stay ahead of competitors with trend inflections that are designed to lift business performance in the coming quarters - based on RME's proprietary research.
  • 4 Quarterly Restaurant Business Cycle Updates:¬†Plan and execute in advance of where we are headed next in the business cycle, so that you maximize cycle upsides and mitigate cycle downsides. Most restaurants don't follow the Restaurant Business Cycle, and it almost inevitably reduces where they end up financially.

Standard - Most Popular


Annual Subscription

Our most popular service is for restaurants that want to develop into clear market leaders. Everything in the Basic Subscription, plus these two incredibly timely & valuable reports:

  • RME's Annual Food¬† Megatrends Report: Learn where food is heading in the coming year. Find out which ingredients will be hot, what new menu items should kick-up revenues & margins, and what latest cooking techniques can change your game; and
  • RME's Annual Restaurant Megatrends Report:¬† Learn which¬†restaurant innovation paths are emerging that you can innovate into before 95%+ of the market discovers them. Find out which themes will best¬†frame how you evolve your concept, your offerings, and your strategy¬†to best connect to and further build your reputation in your market.



Monthly Subscription, Annual Commitment

Includes everything in the Standard Subscription, plus quarterly one-on-one mentoring with Peter to strengthen your business results and to prepare for scale and wider leadership:

  • Personalized Trend Insights: We will custom-identify 7 trend inflections tailored to lift your precise business based on its concept, format & market.
  • Quarterly Positioning & Planning Sessions With Peter: The gap between where you are and your largest aspirations is the right business¬†positioning¬†and business plan. Work on your positioning & planning with Peter to solve challenges and leverage opportunities. Benefit from deeply experienced feedback to mitigate risks and optimize your business for scale, performance and impact.

  Every business deserves a mentor...



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